Sal Antonucci

Headshot of Sal
Undergraduate Lab Lead
Salvatore Antonucci is the Undergraduate Lead of the Digital Humanities and Literary Cognition Lab. While his academic interests are vast, he mainly studies Literature and is also pursuing minors in Philosophy and Digital Humanities. During his sophomore and junior years, Sal worked predominantly within the DHLC’s Neuroaesthetics group on their experiment concerning poetry and aesthetic pleasure. During those years, he has presented original, award winning research at MSU’s undergraduate research conference, UURAF. As the Lead of the Neuroaesthetics Group, he led investigations that borrowed methodologies from Literary Studies, Linguistics, Digital Humanities, and Statistics in the to explore how certain poetic elements affect readers’ aesthetic judgments. In addition to this, Sal is now collaborating with a team of faculty to prepare the experimental design of the fMRI-phase of the poetry study.