Getting Ready for DHSI

June 16, 2016 by Brooke Chambers

In order to get to DHSI in Victoria, BC I had to take two planes, four buses, and a ferry. This trip was weighing on me as I began to realize I would be up for almost two days getting to Canada. I started to ask myself, why would I spend my summer taking a class for fun? The plane ride was fine and the ferry ride was beautiful, but even when I reached land in Victoria I was still feeling uneasy. Once I retrieved my keys for the dorm, I walked around aimless for only a few minutes before not one, but three DHSI members walked me directly to my room. They gave me a heads up about the ins and outs of campus and where to get the best dinner down the road. I was nervous that I would find it hard to talk to or get to know anyone at this event because DH is only a related field, not entirely the discipline I study. But I was wrong. It’s exciting to know that tomorrow I will be in a classroom with people all enamored with sound. I’m the only person studying sonic rhetoric in my department at MSU right now, but I knew that people in this class would understand my interests, appreciate my knowledge, and ask smart questions about sonic work.