Digital Humanities

DH@MSU brings together a diverse group of faculty, staff, and students and builds a vibrant digital humanities community supporting advanced, innovative research, scholarship, pedagogy, and public engagement at a national and international level.

We offer

Transformative Research and Pedagogy

Hands-on use of digital methods and tools to expand critical potential and explore diverse forms of cultural production



Emphasis in cross-unit collaborations and community through interdisciplinary partnerships drawing from Core and Affiliated faculty from 17 units around campus

Events that cultivate the DH@MSU Community


The Global DH Symposium gathers people from around the world and across MSU’s campus in the planning of the event as well as the event itself

DH@MSU supports research that leads to social action

Digital methodologies for humanistic study, backed by humanistic understandings of the digital

Network Analysis Workshop Fall 2014

Build hands-on digital skills while developing a critical perspective on digital technology

The DH@MSU Community

Find core and affiliated faculty, graduate students, and others associated with DH@MSU

Learn about the centers and labs that conduct and sponsor transformative research in digital humanities

Find out more about the projects that DH@MSU colleagues have developed

Explore ways to support your own digital humanities research

DH@MSU presents a two day Global Digital Humanities Symposium that is planned by a global team, and is attended by DH researchers from around the world

THATCamp is an annual Unconference for MSU faculty, staff, and students to bring people back together after the summer and introduce new folks to the DH@MSU community

Locus is a regular forum formed around a theme for students, faculty, and researchers to share ideas and works in progress and to build relationships through short (5-7 minute) presentations

Distinguished Lecture Series

DH@MSU presents annual Distinguished Lectures to the community, in which speakers from off campus and on campus showcase their work

DH Research Highlights

This event presents digital humanities research projects that are funded each Summer by MSU Digital Humanities Seed Grants in a series of lightning talks