DH@MSU holds a variety of events over the course of the year. In addition to the events that DH@MSU organizes, check out the calendar of events going on around MSU that may be of interest to the community. Below the calendar is a list of past events, including links to slides and recordings, where available.

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Events this Semester – Fall 2024

  • August 20, THATCamp (In-Person) Fall 2024
  • Research Showcase
  • End of Semester Celebration

Past Events

Spring 2024

Fall 2023


Spring 2023

Fall 2022


Spring 2022

  • January 28, (Virtual) THATCamp MSU
  • February 24, (Virtual), Local Distinguished Lecture: Sharon Leon, “From Scholar to System to Scale: Generating Meso-level Historical Data to Recover the Lived Experiences of Enslaved People”
  • March 23-25, Global Digital Humanities Symposium
  • April 21, End of Semester Celebration and Awards Ceremony

Fall 202

Fall 2021

Spring 2021

Fall 2020

Spring 2020

  • January 14, Digital Humanities Speaker Series
    • Max Evjen on “Collaboration, Iteration, and Exchange: Academic Museums as Digital Laboratories”
  • February 11, Digital Humanities Speaker Series
    • Erik Ponder on “Sites of Memory: Creating Immersive Content for Scholarly Inquiry”
    • Joyce-Zoe Farley on 1967 Detroit and the Role of Oral History and Digital Projects in the Preservation of Memory
    • Tianyi Kou on “Multiculturalism in the German Football World”
  • March 26-27, Global Digital Humanities Symposium (Symposium website)
  • April 23, End of Semester Recognition Celebration

Fall 2019

  • August 22, THATCamp MSU (schedule)
  • September 10, Speaker Series
    • Alice Lynn McMichael & Autumn Painter, “Campus as Laboratory: An Oral History of MSU’s Campus Archaeology Program” (project website)
    • Kristen Mapes, Computational Analysis of Digitized Images from the Roman de la Rose Digital Library (image analysis slides)
  • October 10, Workshop – Introduction to Drupal, led by Kate Topham
  • October 22, Speaker Series
    • Matthew Handelman and Ryan Carty, “Visualizing German-Jewish Intellectual Life in the Twentieth Century”
    • Soohyun Cho on the “Eye-tracking and Text Analysis”
  • November 4, Distinguished Lecture: Catherine Knight Steele, “Black feminists taught me: Lessons for the digital humanities from digital black feminism” (recording available with MSU login credentials)
  • November 21, Locus Mini-Symposium: Visualization, Gaming, and Digital Storytelling

Spring 2019

  • February 5, Tool Time – Visualizing Maps and Networks with Vistorian (Vistorian slides and sample data), led by Kristen Mapes
  • February 12, Speaker – The Hallowed Grounds: Race, Slavery, and Memory,  Hilary N. Green (recording)
  • February 28, Colloquium
    • Stephanie Mahnke (PhD Candidate in the Writing, Rhetoric, and American Cultures Department) “The Underground Project: Mapping Lansing’s LGBTQ Heritage”
    • Julian Chambliss (Professor of English) “Making History: Podcasts as Digital Humanities Projects”
  • March 12, Tool Time – Tips for Working with Data in Excel, led by Megan Kudzia
  • March 21-22, Global Digital Humanities Symposium (Symposium website)
  • April 9, Tool Time – Soundcite, led by Andy Boyles Petersen
  • April 17, Colloquium
    • Eric Rodriguez (PhD Candidate in the Writing, Rhetoric, and American Cultures Department) “Building Collectives: On the Building Healthcare Collectives Project” (BHC slides)
    • Valentina Denzel (Assoc Professor of French Literature) “Legacies of the Enlightenment: Project History and Lessons Learned”

Fall 2018

  • September 6, Workshop – Getting Started with Digital Humanities (Getting Started workshop slides), led by Kristen Mapes, Brandon Locke, Megan Kudzia, & Devin Higgins
  • September 19, Colloquium – with presentations by Kate Birdsall and Erica Holt & Daniel Fandino
  • September 25, Tool Time – Chronicling America (Chronicling America tutorial), led by Brandon Locke
  • October 5, Workshop – Playing and Breaking Games, led by Catherine Ryu (Breaking Games slides)
  • October 17, Colloquium – with presentations by Jon Keune and Alexandra Hidalgo
  • October 23, Tool Time – TAGS: Twitter Archiving, led by Kristen Mapes
  • November 7, Workshop – Regular Expressions for Digital Humanities, led by Tianyi Kou and Megan Kudzia
  • November 13, Tool Time – Snappy Summaries, led by Megan Kudzia
  • November 15, Distinguished Lecture: N. Katherine Hayles, “Do Computers Participate in Meaning-Making?” (recording available with MSU login credentials)
  • November 29, Locus: Narrative

Spring 2018

  • February 6, Workshop – Introduction to Data Visualization and Tableau, led by Kristen Mapes (Tableau workshop slides)
  • February 7, Workshop – Introduction to Audio Analysis, led by Michael Laney
  • March 22-23, Global Digital Humanities Symposium (Symposium website)
  • April 3, Workshop – Introduction to Game Making with Twine, led by Cody Mejeur and Howard Fooksman (Twine workshop slides)

Fall 2017

Spring 2017

Fall 2016

Spring 2016

  • January 20, Workshop – Github and Git for Humanists, led by Megan Kudzia
  • February 10, Workshop – Interactive Data Visualization with R
  • February 24, Locus Mini-Symposium: Access in a Digital Environment
  • March 23, Workshop – Text Analysis with Natural Language Toolkit, led by Devin Higgins
  • March 31, Speaker – Building ARCS Between Old and New Archaeological Research
  • April 8, Locus Mini-Symposium – Part of the Global Digital Humanities Symposium
  • April 8-9, Global Digital Humanities Symposium (Symposium website)

Fall 2015

Spring 2015

Fall 2014

  • September 10, Workshop – Getting Started with Humanities Data: Beginner Tools (Getting Started workshop slides), led by Kristen Mapes, Devin Higgins, Thomas Padilla, Bobby Smiley, & Brandon Locke
  • September 18, DH Brownbag Lunch
  • September 24, Workshop – Omeka: Showcasing Digital Collections (Omeka workshop slides), led by Brandon Locke & Kristen Mapes
  • October 2, DH Brownbag Lunch – Project Management (Project Management notes)
  • October 8, Workshop – Introduction to Digital Mapping (Mapping workshop slides), led by Kristen Mapes & Bobby Smiley
  • October 16, DH Brownbag Lunch
  • October 29, Workshop – Principles of Network Analysis (slides) (Network Analysis tutorial) (Network Analysis data), led by Thomas Padilla & Brandon Locke
  • October 30, DH Brownbag Lunch
  • November 5, Workshop – Reading from a Distance: Introduction to Text Analysis (Text Analysis workshop slides), led by Devin Higgins & Thomas Padilla
  • November 13, DH Brownbag Lunch