Mission Statement

What is our core purpose?

Digital Humanities at Michigan State University (DH@MSU) facilitates collaborations among the digital centers, labs, programs, and projects across MSU. The mission of DH@MSU is to bring together a diverse group of faculty, staff, and students and build a vibrant digital humanities community supporting advanced, innovative research, scholarship, pedagogy, and public engagement at a national and international level.

Vision Statement

What are our core beliefs and values?

DH@MSU challenges closed, hierarchical structures of power and knowledge by valuing diverse modes of cultural production and intellectual work. We support the development and use of digital methods and tools to expand the potentials of critique and engagement, reflecting a broad range of disciplinary and cultural perspectives. We strive to increase access to the materials, approaches, and questions of our fields within and beyond the academy.

Community Agreements

In addition to abiding by the MSU Anti-Discrimination Policy and Policy on Relationship Violence and Sexual Misconduct, the DH@MSU community sets a tone of encouragement for mutual respect and growth. In this spirit, participation in the DH@MSU community is grounded in the following Community Agreements:

  • We encourage discussions that focus on the work, not the person.
  • We practice active listening and engagement.
  • We assume good intentions, but own negative effects.
  • We give credit where credit is due.
  • We value transparency.
  • We support one another’s work and welcome support for our own.
  • We value fair and transparent labor relationships, and we work actively to counter exploitation.

These community agreements were voted into use by the DH@MSU Core Faculty in April 2020.