Digital Humanities at Michigan State University (DH@MSU) is at the leading edge of advanced, innovative research and scholarship at a national and international level. We are a group of faculty, librarians, staff, and students who collaborate across departments and colleges to build an engaged digital humanities community.

DH@MSU collaboratively puts on community building and skill sharing events each semester. We run the Locus mini-symposium series, which serves to bring students and scholars from units across campus together around a unifying theme. We put on the Global Digital Humanities Symposium each spring, which brings together scholars from around the world to discuss and critique the relationship of DH to/with the global.

DH@MSU is the space where a variety of different DH initiatives around campus come together. We build on the work done in labs and centers around campus, as well as within curricular initiatives and efforts across a number of departments at MSU. In particular, MSU offers an undergraduate minor, a graduate certificate in Digital Humanities, and a fellowship program for graduate students in Cultural Heritage Informatics.

We invite you to explore this site to discover people involved in this community, to find out about spaces where DH happens, to explore the range of events happening around campus of interest to DH, and to become a part of the conversation yourself (sign up for our email list, our events calendar, and/or our Slack channel). If you have any questions, please email dh[at]msu[dot]edu or message us on Twitter using #msudh.