All Day Work-a-thon/Co-Work! May 22

Summer Co-Working Day / Work-a-Thon

Tuesday, March 7, 10am-5pm

LEADR, Old Horticulture 112

There will be coffee and snacks available, plus pizza for lunch.

Summer has begun, which means a time to relax… and a time to get some work done! Join us in LEADR for the day, May 22 (9am-5pm) to get some work done together. Bring whatever you’d like to work on, and there will be people available to provide assistance and/or to bounce around ideas. There will also be coffee, pizza, and various snacks to keep the energy up. Feel free to drop in for the whole day or just for an hour!

Anyone – graduate students, faculty, undergraduates, staff – is welcome to join us for this co-working day.

Digital humanities / digital scholarship experts who will be available are: 

  • Kristen Mapes, Digital Humanities Coordinator, College of Arts and Letters
  • Marco Seiferle-Valencia, Digital Scholarship Outreach Librarian
  • Devin Higgins, Digital Library Programmer
  • Scout Calvert, Data Librarian