Michigan State University

 Visualizing Agricultural Land Cover Change in Zambia

Victoria Breeze, Department of Geography


The Religious Soundmap of the Global Midwest: Process, Project, and Possibilities

Bobby Smiley, Michigan State University Libraries


Three Spatial Tools Useful for Environmental Journalism: Aerial Imagery at MSU, NASA Satellite Imagery, and Computer Modeling

David Poulson, School of Journalism


Immersive Multimedia and Pedagogy

Tommy Truong, Eric Martin, and John Frey, College of Arts and Letters


K-12 Teachers: Navigating Digital Mathematics Tools and Resources

Eryn Michelle Stehr, Program in Mathematics Education, College of Natural Science | College of Education


Sherlock and Science: Using Clues to Promote Curiosity in an Interdisciplinary, Technology-Driven, Classroom

Georgina Montgomery, Lyman Briggs College and Department of History


Learning from my Students: Evolving ideas of the Utility of Humanities Technology in the Classroom

David T. Bailey, Department of History


Media and Information Literacy: A Pedagogical Approach to 21st Century Skills

Sarah Gretter, Educational Psychology and Education Technology


Teachers Teaching Teachers: Using Technology to Foster Creativity in STEM

Rohit Mehta and Chris Seals, Educational Psychology and Educational Technology


Human Rights, Lefts, Ups and Downs: Using State Department Reports to Explore the Evolution of Multi-Dimensional Human Rights Practices and Standards around the Globe

Kevin Greene and Michael Colaresi, Department of Political Science

Reading Mansfield Park: Comparative Topic Modeling

Laura McGrath, Department of English; Savannah Smith, Department of English

(Video not available)


Topic Modeling Urdu Poetry

Sean Pue, Department of Linguistics and Germanic, Slavic, Asian, and African Languages

(Video not available)


From a Distance: Affective Responses To Otherness in German Literature between 1779-1961

Anne von Petersdorff-Campen, German Studies

(Video not available)


PromptMe: Helping Teachers Write Better Assignment Sheets

Laura Gonzales, Rebecca Zantjer, and Howard Fooksman, Writing Rhetoric and American Cultures


First Story Toronto Mobile App

Heather Howard, Anthropology


Mapping Germany: Teaching Literature and Culture with Digital Media

Elizabeth Mittman and Krsna Santos, German Studies

(Video not available)


 Digital Atlas of Egyptian Archaeology

Ethan Watrall, Anthropology and Matrix


A Work in Progress: Using GIS to map Rahel Levin Varnhagen’s Correspondence Networks

Kathryn McEwen, German Studies


Zulus on Display: Mapping Narratives of Ethnicity Using StoryMapJS

Liz Timbs, History


Kenya-Tweet: (Almost) Real-Time Geospatial Tweet Mapping

Brian Geyer, Anthropology


MSU Vietnam Group Archive

Dean Rehberger, Matrix and History



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