The following committees carry out the regular work of DH@MSU as articulated in Section 3.3 of the Bylaws.



Engagement and Outreach


The major channel for advising the Director and Assistant/Associate Director(s) on all matters of DH@MSU policy, program, and personnel; on any matter which the Core Faculty, through its meetings, entrusts to it; on any matter on which the Director seeks advice; and on any other matter of importance.

The Advisory Committee is composed of 8 members of the Core Faculty serving staggered two-year terms, and is open to one graduate and one undergraduate student. The Advisory Committee will address general program-related issues and questions, including but not limited to budget, faculty, committees, and projects.

2021-22 Committee Members:

  • Catalina Bartlett (2024)
  • Kate Birdsall (2024)
  • Jesse Draper (2025)
  • Matt Handelman (2025)
  • Devin Higgins (2024)
  • Jon Keune (2025)
  • Alice Lynn McMichael (2025)
  • Amanda Tickner (2025)
  • Katie Knowles (Graduate Student Representative)
  • Kathleen Fitzpatrick (ex-officio), Chair
  • Kristen Mapes (ex-officio)


Tasked with oversight of the DH undergraduate minor and graduate certificate programs.

The Curriculum Committee is composed of 6 members of the Core Faculty serving staggered two-year terms, and is open to one graduate and one undergraduate student. The Curriculum Committee will address matters of curriculum development, course scheduling, and general course parameters, including ensuring that core courses are appropriately staffed and that elective courses are appropriately selected. The Curriculum Committee will also be tasked with any reviews of student records required for degree candidacy.

At the end of each academic year, Committee members will designate a continuing committee member (member in their second year) as chair-person for the upcoming academic year. If preferred, two members may be selected to serve as Co-Chairs.

The Committee Chair(s) is/are responsible for scheduling meetings, establishing the agenda and managing meetings, and for sending notes from the meetings to the DH@MSU Core Faculty.

2021-22 Committee Members:

  • Kirk Astle (2024)
  • Zach Kaiser (2025)
  • Dean Rehberger (2024)
  • Matthew Rossi (2024)
  • Kate Topham (2024)
  • Ethan Watrall (2025)
  • Danielle Willcutt (Graduate Student Representative)
  • Kristen Mapes (ex-officio)
  • Kathleen Fitzpatrick (ex-officio)

Engagement & Outreach

This committee is tasked with fostering engagement within the DH@MSU community and to support outreach beyond to the campus and public communities.

The Engagement & Outreach Committee is open to any faculty, staff, or student interested in getting involved in the DH@MSU community. Committee membership is by appointment for one academic year (August-May) and is renewable annually as desired. New committee members also have the opportunity to join for a single semester if preferred, including beginning in January as needed.

The Committee meetings take place monthly and last for one hour. Committee members are expected to attend monthly meetings and and DH@MSU organized events. The Committee strives to keep committee work to these parameters.

Email Max Evjen (evjendav[at]msu[dot]edu) with any questions and to express interest in joining the Committee.

2022-23 Committee Members:

  • Max Evjen, Chair
  • Jesse Draper
  • Katie Knowles
  • Kristen Mapes
  • Michael Rodriguez
  • Dani Willcutt