Deadline to apply: End of day, Monday, August 26, 2024

Digital Humanities @ MSU is pleased to offer a learning community for the 2024-25 academic year on “Digital Humanities Pedagogy.”  The community will be a combination of digital pedagogy discussions, theoretical readings, practical applications of digital methods (including workshops), and collegial support.

This learning community is not discipline-specific but is intended for instructors who teach undergraduate courses who are new or somewhat new to digital humanities methods and theories. All Michigan State University instructors (fixed-term, tenure stream, specialists, graduate instructors, adjuncts) who wish to integrate digital projects into their courses are welcome to apply. This program is particularly suitable for people who do not otherwise have the opportunity to take pedagogy courses.

Participants will come to the Learning Community with a course into which they plan to incorporate digital methods. The course may already have a syllabus or may still be in development. By the end of the academic year, participants will have updated or created a syllabus to include digital assignments, activities, and/or projects that are concrete and suitable for the specifics of their course. 

Further information about the of the learning community is available on the DH@MSU website.

Dates and locations for the Fall meetings are as follows:

  • Fri, Sept 6, 2-3pm, DSL Project Room J
  • Fri, Sept 27, 2-3pm, Zoom
  • Fri, Oct 25, 2-3pm, Zoom
  • Fri, Nov 22, 2-3pm, DSL Project Room J

Dates for the Spring 2025 meetings will be determined later in the Fall semester and will attempt to accommodate the community’s schedules as they are determined.

This call will close at the end of the day on Monday, August 26, 2024.