Emily Joan Elliott

Associate Director for Research and Publications at H-Net
506 E. Circle Drive, Room 130, East Lansing, MI 48824

I am a historian of Soviet and post-Soviet Russia and earned my doctorate in Soviet and post-Soviet Russian history from Michigan State University in May 2019 after successfully defending my dissertation, “Migrants and Muscovites: The Boundaries of Belonging in Moscow, 1971-2002.”

After earning my degree, I pursued opportunities both inside and outside the academy. I did a tour of Michigan, teaching as contingent faculty at Grand Valley State University, Kalamazoo College, and the Residential College in the Arts and Humanities at Michigan State University. I enjoy teaching a broad array of courses, including the history of Russia, the Soviet Union, modern Europe, socialism, and migration.

Outside the academy, I worked as a freelance researcher creating content for tours run by a company in Ann Arbor. I also worked as the Special Sections Editor for the Historical Society of Michigan’s magazines, where I helped freelance authors tell Michigan’s unique and diverse history in popular, high-quality magazines. I continued my foray into journalism as a reporter and later as as the Managing Editor for East Lansing Info. In that role, I reported on a variety of topics, ranging from East Lansing Public Schools, Covid-19, and community disparities. I valued my work at East Lansing Info because we not only delivered the news but also engaged residents who sought help and a place to be heard.

Currently, I am the Associate Director for Research and Publications for H-Net. Given my background in the academy and journalism, I am excited to work at H-Net and help develop the world of open-source, scholarly communication and knowledge sharing.

In my personal life, I enjoy travel, baking, crafting, and bike riding among other things.