MSU offers a Minor in Digital Humanities for students from all majors. The Minor provides a solid foundation and credential for communicating both digital skills and a critical eye on technology.

In the Digital Humanities Minor, we invite you to explore, research, analyze, and critique the ways in which digital tools, technologies, and spaces have transformed the study of human culture.

Become equipped to:

  • discuss the complexity and social and political context of technologies
  • be a thoughtful and critical user of digital tools and spaces
  • be an adept selector of the technology and tool to suit the work at hand
  • create multimodal, multimedia work
  • use digital tools and methods to analyze cultural objects

15 credits total

Required courses:

  • DH285 – Intro to Digital Humanities (offered every Fall) (Fall 2020 syllabus) – 3 credits
  • DH340 – Digital Humanities Seminar (offered every Spring) – 3 credits

Elective courses:

Students take 2-3 elective courses. Options include courses listed below but may also include courses that significantly incorporate digital humanities and must be approved by the DH advisor.

Experiential learning:

The experiential learning component of the Minor may be achieved through a for-credit internship or coursework, or it may be achieved through a non-credit internship. The key component is that students gain experience working hands-on in Digital Humanities, inside or outside of a university context. Students work with the Minor advisor to identify an experience best suited to their interests and schedule.

Examples of common Experiential Learning for the DH Minor include:

For further information, contact the Advisor for Digital Humanities, Kate Rendi,