WIDE (Writing, Information, and Digital Experience) is a research Center in the College of Arts and Letters at Michigan State University. We work with researchers across the College, the University, and the World. We welcome new partnerships that align with our mission to create new opportunities and new knowledge about digital communication, promote the transfer of discoveries, and help prepare a new generation of scholars and leader.

At WIDE, we work to create research opportunities and new knowledge about digital communication, as well asPromote the transfer of discoveries about digital communication in a way that has impact in the world and help prepare a new generation of researchers and leaders.

Ways to get involved

  1. Come to biweekly WIDE meetings to share your ideas, hear project updates, and to join projects that interest you. WIDE meetings are open to everyone–MSU faculty, staff, graduate and undergraduate students, and community members. 
  2. Join our Slack channel for announcements, resources, and more information about ongoing projects. Simply use your MSU email to sign up at https://msuwide.slack.com/signup
  3. Contact WIDE graduate research assistants and project managers Lauren Brentnell (brentnel@msu.edu) and Victor Del Hierro (delhierr@msu.edu) to get directly connected. 

Find out more about digital humanities activity in WIDE at wide.msu.edu

Dawn Opel
Assistant Professor, Co-director, Digital Humanities and Literary Cognition Lab
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Ben Lauren
Assistant Professor of Experience Architecture
headshot of Liza Potts
Liza Potts
Associate Professor / Director of WIDE Research Center