Teaching Core Courses in the DH Minor

Core Faculty in DH@MSU are encouraged to teach DH340 or the DH Capstone course when available. The Director of DH puts out a call during the course scheduling period to seek interested and available faculty for these roles. Instructors are usually asked to teach DH340 for two consecutive Spring semesters.

Teaching Electives in the Undergraduate Minor

Teaching a DH Special Topics Course (DH491)

During the course scheduling period (usually in the Fall), the Director of DH will put out a call to Core and Affiliated faculty to teach special topics courses in DH during the following academic year. These courses are open to the instructor’s interests but must be approved by the Director in consultation with the Curriculum Committee. These courses run as DH491 and are cross-listed as DH891 so that both undergraduate and graduate students may enroll.

Adding a Course to the DH Minor as an Elective

Courses count as electives or capstone experiences in the Digital Humanities Undergraduate Minor at the approval of the DH@MSU Curriculum Committee or the approval of the DH Advisor. Instructors who teach courses that already incorporate Digital Humanities topics and/or methods are encouraged to have those courses join the DH Minor. (Courses with the DH course code do not go through this process.)

Courses from any department, college, or course code are encouraged to become a part of the DH curriculum through the process laid out below. This process is open to 1) courses that are regularly taught that through their course goals and nature incorporate DH approaches; and, to 2) courses that do not always incorporate DH approaches in every iteration of the course but do so in some circumstances (e.g.when a specific instructor teaches the course). At least two of the Learning Goals for the Minor should be represented in the course for it to qualify for inclusion in the Minor.

To start the process of adding your course, fill out the “Identifying Courses for the DH Minor” form. Doing so begins a conversation with the Assistant Director of DH to answer questions and discuss how the course intersects with the program. Then, fill out the “Adding a Course to the DH Minor” form to formally request that the course be counted. The Curriculum Committee evaluates these requests twice a year. Approved courses will be listed on the DH@MSU website and shared with students by the DH Advisor.

Deadlines for inclusion for Spring 2023:

Deadlines for inclusion for Fall 2023: