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THATCamp (which stands for “The Humanities and Technology Camp”) is a gathering where the agenda is set by attendees on the day of the event based on what people want to learn and/or share. It is an event where students, staff, and faculty from any discipline and from all skill levels learn and build together in sessions proposed, led, and voted upon by the community. 

At DH@MSU THATCamp, we create space for meeting fellow members of the community in informal networking sessions, and we encourage people to share their work in impromptu discussions and workshops. There is also time for a project showcase, when community members can share very short prepared or impromptu remarks about their projects and work. 

This January, we are holding THATCamp as a virtual event from 9:30AM – 3:00PM EST.

The goals of DH@MSU THATCamp are:

  • To bring people back together at the beginning of the semester
  • To introduce new folks to the DH community
  • Build connections between community members for future collaborations, troubleshooting, and less formal interactions

Who is THATCamp for?

This is an opportunity for people, whether formally a part of the DH@MSU community or not, to gather, learn from each other, and make connections to carry forward into the academic year. We welcome:

  • Members of the DH community, old and new
  • Students in the MSU Digital Humanities undergraduate minor or graduate certificate, and students interested in the minor/certificate
  • Humanists who are engaged in digital and computer-assisted research, teaching, and creation
  • Anyone interested in exploring digital topics especially (but not exclusively) in the areas of arts, humanities, and social sciences
  • Family members (kids)

This is a flexible, family- and pet-friendly event.

This event will operate under the Code of Conduct for THATCamp MSU


How the day will work

Technology and Communication

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All times are Eastern Standard Time

  • 9:30am – 9:50am – Welcome and THATCamp basics (Welcome slides)
  • 9:50am – 10:20am – Meet and Greets / Introductions (breakout rooms)
  • 10:20am – 10:50am – Discussion and workshop topic ideas – gathering proposals, voting, and creating the schedule
  • 10:50am – 11:50am – Session 1 (breakout rooms)
  • 11:50am – 12:00pm – Break
  • 12:00pm – 12:30pm – Session 2 (breakout rooms) 
  • 12:30pm – 1:15pm – Lunch Break
  • 1:15pm – 2:15pm – Session 3 (breakout rooms)
  • 2:15pm – 2:25pm – Break
  • 2:25pm -2:45pm – What did we learn?
  • 2:45pm – 3:00pm – Debrief of the day and Raffle

*This schedule may shift if the community decides to make adjustments on the day of the event. For example, one of the sessions may break into two thirty-minute sessions in order to accommodate more topics. This page will be updated during the day of the event with any schedule changes.

How the day will work

Meet and Greets / Introductions

Using breakout rooms, we will have 3 short meet and greet opportunities. This means that groups of 4-6 will be gathered in a breakout room to introduce themselves and answer a question prompt for 7 minutes and then will be reshuffled into another room for 7 minutes with different people.


Over the course of the day, there are two one-hour sessions and one half-hour session. During each of these session times, there will be up to 4 concurrent sessions that participants can choose among. 

These sessions will be proposed or requested by THATCamp participants at the time of registration or via email ( after registration but before the day of the event.

Session types may be:

  • Workshop – one or more people teach about a particular tool or method
  • Discussion – one or more people lead a discussion on a method, topic, or issue
  • Show and Tell – an individual or group showcases a project and explains how it was created, what went into it, including the technology, etc (this type of session may also group together 1-3 project show and tells)
  • Other: You decide what format you will use

Technology and Communication


THATCamp will take place on Zoom. The meeting link and information will be sent via email to registrants one week prior to the event. For the best experience, please update to the most recent version of Zoom via these instructions.

When you enter the Zoom meeting room, your video and microphone will be turned off/muted by default, and you are welcome to turn them on/unmute as you prefer throughout the event. We will all convene in one room, and we will use breakout sessions to facilitate introduction sessions and the discussion section. There will be moderators available throughout the day and in each breakout room to assist with technical issues and Zoom questions.

Closed Captions will be provided throughout THATCamp and made available to all in main sessions. If participants would like captions provided during breakout rooms, please let the organizers know via the Registration form or by emailing


Please use the hashtag #MSUDH, and you can follow @DHatMSU!

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