DH@MSU involves many people from around campus. A key part of that community are the Affiliated Faculty*:

Burton Bargerstock
David Humphrey
Jeff Kuure
Matthew Rossi
Marilyn Wulfekulher

Each Spring semester, a call is put out to the DH@MSU community, and faculty and staff from around campus are encouraged apply to become DH@MSU Affiliated Faculty. If you are interested in becoming Affiliated Faculty or have any questions, please email the DH@MSU Director, Kathleen Fitzpatrick.

Affiliated Faculty in DH@MSU are articulated using the following definition in Section 2.2 of the Bylaws

2.2.1 The Affiliated Faculty shall consist of persons holding the rank of professor, associate professor, assistant professor, instructor, librarian, specialist, or staff at MSU who have a professional interest in the objectives of DH@MSU, but who either do not qualify under 2.1.1 above or do not choose to become Core Faculty members.

2.2.2 Persons whose positions at MSU fall outside the above listed ranks but who are actively involved in DH@MSU projects and activities may be added to the Affiliated Faculty via the application process in 2.2.3.